Characterization of a large core photonic crystal fiber made of lead-bismuth-gallium oxide glass for broadband infrared transmission

Stępien, R., Siwicki, B., Pysz, D., Stepniewski, G., Kujawa, I., Klimczak, M., Buczynski, R.

Optical and Quantum Electronics

46 (4), 2014, 553–561, 10.1007/s11082-013-9835-5

We report on characterization of a large solid core, photonic crystal fiber dedicated to broadband transmission range from visible to mid-infrared. We have fabricated a multi-mode photonic crystal fiber, made of a heavy metal-oxide glass based on the PbO−Bi2O3−Ga2O3 system, modified with SiO2 and CdO, synthesized in-house, which shows good transmission up to 4.5μm, as well as good rheological properties that permit multiple thermal processing steps without crystallization. The core of the fiber is created by replacement of central 60 tubes with solid rods. The photonic cladding is composed of 8 rings of air holes with a filling factor of 0.42. Simulation results shows that the fiber can be used for broadband transmission in the range of 430–3,000 nm. Calculated effective mode area of the fiber is 295μm2. We have measured attenuation of the fiber in the range 800–1,700 nm and its sensitivity to bending losses. Attenuation ranges from 1 to 4 dB/m in the considered range and bending losses are below 0.7 dB.