Hybrid heptafocal intraocular lenses

Sokołowski M., Pniewski J., Brygoła R., Kowalczyk-Hernández M.

Optica Applicata

XLV (3), 2015, 285-298, 10.5277/oa150302

In this paper, hybrid diffractive-refractive multifocal intraocular lenses are proposed, which are intended to provide good visual acuity over a discrete spectrum of object distances most often encountered by patients. The proposed hybrid lenses have seven foci. It is shown that by the appropriate selection of modulation depth of a sinusoidal phase diffractive profile and the period of the sinusoid, sharp vision can be achieved for a set of distances such as 24, 29, 37, 49, 73, 145 cm, and infinity. Theoretical axial and lateral visual point spread functions are computed. An accommodative amplitude equivalent of the eye implanted with a multifocal intraocular lens is introduced and calculated for the proposed heptafocal intraocular lenses.