Turbulence properties for June-September period at rural and urban environment

Karasewicz M., Wacławczyk M., Ortiz-Amezca P., Stachlewska I.S.


2024, 10.18150/LSLM10

The dataset contains the set of turbulent properties obtained using the measurements from Streamline XR (Halo Photonics ) Doppler lidar. The datasets cover a period of June-September 2018 and 2023 respectively for the rural environment in Rzecin, Poland (5245’N, 16◦18’E) and urban in Warsaw, Poland (5212’N, 2058’E). For each of the dates (1) the full set of turbulent properties (2-6), sunrise and sunset times (7-8), and time and altitude vectors (9-10) are included. The spatial and temporal resolution for the turbulence properties (2-6) are respectively 30 m and 30 min. The dataset comprises 8 files which consist of turbulent properties for each location and each month of the measurements.

Data Repository: RepOD