EMORAL—Mobile Mie-Raman Lidar with Fluorescence, Polarization and Water Vapor Observational Capabilities for Satellite Cal/Val Field Campaigns

Stachlewska I.S., Georgoussis G., Freudenthaler V., Hafiz A., Poczta P., Louridas A., Wang D., Janicka Ł., Siomos N., Karasewicz M., Fortuna R., Kokkalis P., Amiridis V., Byčenkienė S., Drzeniecka-Osiadacz A., Belegante L., Nicolae D., Tzeremes G., Ribes Pleguezuelo P. & Schüttemeyer D.

Space-based Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques and Emerging Technologies - Proceedings of the 3rd International Space Lidar Workshop

2024, 239-251, 10.1007/978-3-031-53618-2_21

ESA MObile RAman Lidar (EMORAL) was developed with the objective of participating in Cal/Val campaigns for ESA Earth Observation Programmes missions. Upgraded several times, current configuration and functionalities, especially broadband fluorescence and water vapor measurements together with wavelength-dependent polarization, backscattering and extinction coefficients observations, place EMORAL in the forefront of the modern lidar developments. Highly desirable state-of-art ensemble of near-real-time observations was collected in different areas (urban, industrial, rural, peatland, mountains, flatland), thus providing exclusive sets of quality-assured high-level data products. Implementation Quality Assurance tools and Single Calculus Chain data evaluation schemes of Aerosol Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) contributes to lidar smooth operation and derivation of high-quality, ACTRIS approved data. Moreover, EMORAL effectiveness to obtain new data products such as fluorescence backscatter coefficient and fluorescence capacity in demanding environments is demonstrated, e.g. within polluted city of Wrocław, Poland, suburban biomass-burning affected Măgurele, Romania, background urban outskirts of Vilnius, Lithuania, as well as extremely clean coastal Orašac, Croatia. The knowledge gained from operating the lidar in different conditions and identified recommendations will drive further advancements and ensure its continued successful operation in future campaigns.