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Functional materials

Information Optics Department

Research Group Leader:

The progress in the development of optics in recent years can be considered as a real revolution. It happened thanks to technological development, which made it possible to study more and more subtle optical phenomena. The results of experiments often require verification of our existing knowledge.

The research carried out in our group corresponds with this trend and is related to the idea of nanostructured optical functional materials. It is a class of materials whose unique optical properties result from the nanostructure process and go beyond the material properties of the components used. We make most of such areas of knowledge as nanophotonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials. We work on computer modeling, fabrication, and characterization of nanostructures. We collaborate with foreign universities, including King's College London, Wigner Research Center for Physics (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and Sapienza Università di Roma.

Currently, our research focus is:

·        designing dispersion and nonlinear properties of new generation optical elements

·        ultrafast light modulation

·        generating hot electrons for renewable energy applications

·        development of metamaterials with a 2-level structure.

·        optical fibers integrated with metamaterials


Research project

dr Tomasz Stefaniuk


Alexander Korneluk

Dominika Niewczas

Katarzyna Brańko

Paweł Kwaśny

Aleksanda Oszmian

Karol Zalewski

mgr Arkadiusz Ciesielski