Clouds as particles


Clouds and Climate, Climate Science's Greatest Challenge

Editor: Siebesma A.P., Bony S., Jakob C., Stevens B.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Cloud research is a rapidly developing branch of climate science that's vital to climate modelling. With new observational and simulation technologies our knowledge of clouds and their role in the warming climate is accelerating. Clouds and Climate provides a comprehensive overview of research on clouds and their role in our present and future climate, covering theoretical, observational, and modelling perspectives. Part I discusses clouds from three different perspectives: as particles, light and fluid. Part II describes our capability to model clouds, ranging from theoretical conceptual models to applied parameterised representations. Part III describes the interaction of clouds with the large-scale circulation in the tropics, mid-latitudes, and polar regions. Part IV describes how clouds are perturbed by aerosols, the land-surface, and global warming. Each chapter contains end-of-chapter exercises and further reading sections, making this an ideal resource for advanced students and researchers in climatology, atmospheric science, meteorology, and climate change.


1. Cloudy perspectives / Louise Nuijens and Christian Jakob

Part I. Cloud Fundamentals:
2. Clouds as fluids / Bjorn Stevens and A. Pier Siebesma
3. Clouds as particles / Hanna Pawlowska and Ben Shipway
4. Clouds as light / Robert Pincus and Hélène Chepfer

Part II. Clouds and Modelling:
5. Conceptualising clouds / Stephan de Roode and Roel Neggers
6. Parameterising clouds / A. Pier Siebesma and Axel Seifert
7. Evaluating clouds / Christian Jakob and Jean-Louis Dufresne

Part III. Clouds and Circulation:
8. Tropical and subtropical cloud systems / Gilles Bellon and Sandrine Bony
9. Midlatitude cloud systems / George Tselioudis and Kevin Grise
10. Arctic cloud systems / Gunilla Svensson and Thorsten Mauritsen

Part IV. Cloud Perturbations:
11. Clouds and aerosols / Johannes Quaas and Ulrike Lohmann
12. Clouds and land / Cathy Hohenegger and Christoph Schär
13. Clouds and warming / Sandrine Bony and Bjorn Stevens

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