COMPLETE workshop on aerosols, clouds and entrainment

The workshop will include talks by:

  1. prof. Robert Breidenthal, University of Washington, Seattle, USA - experiments in fluids with entrainment (with additional demonstration in the lab by Szymon Malinowski), 4h,
  2. prof. Isztar Zawadzki, Mc Gill University, Montreal Canada - measurements and observations of clouds and precipitation with radar, 4h,
  3. dr Iwona Stachlewska, University of Warsaw, Poland - observations of aerosols and clouds with multi-wavelength lidar - theory and practice (lidar is on-site), 4+1h,
  4. dr Sylwester Arabas, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland - particle-level microphysics of soluble aerosol particles and cloud dropletsh (with hands-on session on cloud parcel model prototype in Jupyter), 4h,
  5. dr Jun-Ichi Yano, Meteo France, France - climate modelling and subgrid scales (clouds), entrainment in cloud-convection dynamics, structure of the mass-flux convection parameterization and its generalization, 4h,

as well as ESR presentations. 

Preliminary schedule

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Gallery-COMPLETE workshop on aerosols, clouds and entrainment